Qualitative Research


Qualitative research methods are aimed at studying the behavioral norms, habits and motivation of the consumer.

Product tests

Product tests are a research method that allows you to find out the subjective opinion of the target audience regarding the properties, qualities and taste of products.

  • Purpose

    The purpose of product tests is to obtain the subjective opinion of consumers regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the product under study.

  • Result
    • You receive data about the opinion of consumers.
    • Get data to improve the product.
    • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the product..

Home visits

Home visits are a research method in which the consumer tests the product in his daily life and periodically conducts in-depth interviews with him at his home.

  • Purpose

    The purpose of home visits is to obtain data on the behavioral norms of consumers and information on the results of long-term product testing.

  • Result
    • Understanding all the nuances when using your product.
    • Understanding the logic and behavioral norms of your consumers.
Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping - this type of research is aimed at studying the quality of services provided, the work of staff and facilities (shops, restaurants)

  • Purpose

    The purpose of mystery shopping is to study the quality of your staff, starting from the first contact on social networks or by phone, ending directly with the purchase of products or services.

  • Result

    • The ability to eliminate weaknesses at all stages of interaction with the client.

Focus groups

Focus groups are in-depth interviews with respondents. The interviewer and respondents lead discussions that allow us to get accurate information about the opinions and preferences of consumers.

  • Purpose

    The purpose of the focus group is to obtain accurate and detailed information through a confidential dialogue.

  • Result

    • You will receive a detailed opinion of the consumer about your product.
    • Answers to all your questions.
    • Understanding the logic and behavior of consumers of your products.

UX is research aimed at studying user experience regarding the design and functionality of the site. This will help to successfully launch new projects and improve the quality of existing ones.

  • Purpose

    The purpose of UX/UI research is to get feedback from users and use it to improve your site.

  • Result
    • You will receive a detailed user opinion about your product.
    • Statistical data regarding strengths and weaknesses.
    • Identification of possible problems.
    • Solving these problems.
    • Testing hypotheses regarding the functional.
    • Information about direct competitors.
    • Options for additional functionality.

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