Combined Research

Combined research methods are methods that include quantitative, desk and qualitative research methods.

Retail audits

Retail audit is a research aimed at collecting and subsequent analysis of information about retail trade. During a retail audit, the assortment of goods, prices for them, provided brands and brands are studied directly at retail outlets.


The purpose of a retail audit is to collect and analyze data in order to increase and optimize sales.


  • Assessment of risks and relevance of your offer in the market.
  • Complete information about prices and assortment of competitors, as well as their market share.
  • Understanding consumer preferences.
  • The ability to launch a competent and effective advertising company and promotions.
  • Information about deliveries and distribution to trading points.
Retail Census

Retail Census is the collection of information about outlets that sell the categories of goods you are interested in, in a specific area, in order to compile a base of outlets.


The purpose of Retail Census is to compile a database of retail outlets in the territory you need, selling the categories of products you are interested in.


  • Store base.
  • The number of outlets in a particular area.
  • Contacts and data of responsible employees of retail outlets.

Hall tests

Hall tests are a type of research, which is a personal interview based on product testing.


The purpose of the hall test is to quickly find out the opinion of consumers about the advantages and disadvantages of the tested product.

  • The opinion of consumers about the quality properties of the product.
  • Consumer impressions of product testing.
  • Statistical data, in a short time.

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