AFS-RESEARCH is one of the leaders in the emerging markets of consulting companies of Uzbekistan and Central Asia, offering its clients a full range of services necessary for the efficient operation in various sectors. In our work, we provide a holistic approach that focuses on customer satisfaction, identifying the best ways to achieve their goals.
About us
AFS–RESEARCH – is one of the leading research companies operating in the market of Uzbekistan and Central Asia since 2008. We truly believe that "those who know the most, venture the least". Therefore our Company renders a full range of services and offers solutions, enabling the clients to effectively work in the capital markets. Strategic areas of our business embrace analytical and marketing research, feasibility analysis, periodical products. Our technical and commercial knowledge is extensive and thorough, as well as our experience and database on the region.
Why choose us?
We are happy to give you best from our service which is based on serious experience.
10 years of work
We proved ourselves like high professionals working with as small companies as with honored brands.
Individual approach
Every company has its conception and motto. We work to develop unique products.
We grow for the future
Highly skilled professionals will help your business to grow on par with new technologies.
Our services
We offer wide range of services that focuses on Сustomer satisfaction, identifying the best ways to achieve their goals.
The Clients' requirements and objectives are a bedrock principle underlying all our research projects. While preparing each and every survey, we highlight the worldwide tendencies and practical understanding of the matter. In order to provide the highest quality results, we make the most out of our knowledge of the history, traditions and peculiarities of the local markets.
We provide large-scale study of the market or segment , which includes statistical information on financial indicators, shares, regional distribution, and other important parameters, the dossier of market participants, the description of the main trends and factors affecting the market, and the forecast prepared by our analysts in collaboration with leading experts in the field. All this will helps you to get a full and complete information about the current state of the market, as well as expert evaluation of what is happening and forecast prepared by leading experts in the field.
Conducting a feasibility study helps in determining whether the proposed business is viable and can sustain for a long term or not.
Specialized AFS periodical reviews allow to estimate current situation in a concrete industry and keep close track of the main events. News monitoring of the largest companies of Uzbekistan and Central Asia, major events in politics and economics, latest changes in legislation – specially for those, who wants to keep pace and see information from different sources.
Our products
Our analysts have released over 100 analytical reports and marketing projects. They cover the key industries of economy and also individual products and services available in the Uzbek and Central Asian markets.
Uzbekistan: Financial sector
An overview of the current situation in banking sector, in the service sector microcredit and leasing, as well as the market of pawnshops of Uzbekistan. Detailed information about the current situation in monetary and banking spheres of Uzbekistan, including the structure banking system, indicators, legislation as well as comparative analysis of the terms of service banks, microcredit organizations, pawnshops and leasing companies.
Tashkent: Market of commercial real estate
Goal of the research is monitoring of prices for purchase and lease of different objects of commercial real estate market – flats, offices and trade areas in trade and leisure centers for analysis of current situation on the market.
Uzbekistan: Agrarian sector
Information on the current situation in Uzbekistan's cotton sector, including structure of acreage, size cotton acreage, number of farms, approved products plant protection.
Uzbekistan: Hotel Sector
The current state of the hotel sector of Uzbekistan and the main trends of its development
What will you get?
You will save your precious time and reduce expenses

You will deal with highly reliable and quality data

You will have accurate and workable solutions

You will increase profitability of your project or business

Feel free to write, call and visit us. We really love to communicate with our Clients.
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